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Providing Insightful Research

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Founded in 1992, SBR conducts marketing research and provides consulting services to the healthcare industry. Our management team has decades of experience in hands-on healthcare marketing research, product management, strategic planning, sales/sales management, new business development and pharmacy administration.


As a full service marketing research consulting firm, we utilize an extensive array of research methodologies including in-person interviews, telephone interviews, as well as web-based surveys. Our research methodologies adhere to guidelines established by the Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO) and the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG).

What Clients Say

"SBR is staffed with individuals with a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative marketing research, experience, and quantitative performance and sales analytics skills, that makes the company perfectly suited for solving most of the important issues facing pharmaceuticals today."

"I have worked with numerous research firms over the years. After our first project with SBR it was clear that they had an unparalled understanding of the health care industry. The principals of the firm have such a vast health care research knowledge base that their expertise transcends the entire organization. I would recommend SBR to any pharmaceutical or health care product manufacturing company looking for creative in-depth insight into their markets."

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